Heaven could not bear بار امانت

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دوش دیدم که ملایک در میخانه زدند گل آدم بسرشتند و به پیمانه زدن

Hafez Poem
By: Gertrude Bell, 1897

LAST night I dreamed that angels stood without
The tavern door, and knocked in vain, and wept;
They took the clay of Adam, and, methought,
Moulded a cup therewith while all men slept.
Oh dwellers in the halls of Chastity!
You brought Love’s passionate red wine to me,
Down to the dust I am, your bright feet stept.For Heaven’s self was all too weak, to bear
The burden of His love God laid on it,
He turned to seek a messenger elsewhere,
And in the Book of Fate my name was writ.
Between my Lord and me such concord lies.
As makes the Huris glad in Paradise,
With songs of praise through the green glades they flit.A hundred dreams of Fancy’s garnered store
Assail me – Father Adam went astray
Tempted by one poor grain of corn!  Wherefore
Absolve and pardon him that turns away
Though the soft breath of Truth reaches his ears,
For two-and-seventy Jangling creeds he hears,
And loud-voiced Fable calls him ceaselessly.That, that is not the flame of Love’s true fire
Which makes the torchlight shadows dance in rings,
But where the radiance draws the moth’s desire
And send him fort with scorched and drooping wings.
The heart of one who dwells retired shall break,
Remembering a black mole and a red cheek,
And his life ebb, sapped at its secret springs.Yet since the earliest time that man has sought
To comb the locks of Speech, his goodly bride,
Not one, like Hafiz, from the face of Thought
Has torn the veil of Ignorance aside.

By: Abbas Aryanpur Kashani
From: Odes of Hafiz, Poetical HoroscopeThe angels knocked at the tavern-door last night,
With man’s clay, they kneaded the cup outright.
The dwellers of God’s heavenly abode,
Drank wine with me-a beggar of the road.Heaven could not bear this wonderful trust,
That to a madman this honor was thrust.Disputes of religions is but a false pretense,
Having not seen the Truth, they speak nonsense.Thank God! There is peace between Him and me.
So dancing mystics took their cups with glee.

What makes the candle laughing isn’t a flame.
The fire that burned the butterfly is my aim.

No one can display thoughts as Hafiz can,
No such words are written by the pen of man.
You will soon be lifted up to a very high position, spending your time with the top-level people of your society.This honor bestowed on you will be exceptional If one believes in God and is truthful in his religion, he must respect all other religions, remembering that all of them worship the same God and try to purify the hearts of mankind in different ways.
Cheer up, for you will enjoy a period of peace and tranquility, and many people will be happy for that. Meantime remember that the reason you were conferred this honor was that you had a great zeal and enthusiasm and worked with all sincerity and perseverance. So keep up this good habit.

 دوش دیدم که ملایک در میخانه زدند                   گل آدم بسرشتند و به پیمانه زدند
ساکنان حرم ستر و عفاف ملکوت                       با من راه نشین باده مستانه زدند
آسمان بار امانت نتوانست کشید                            قرعه کار به نام من دیوانه زدند
جنگ هفتاد و دو ملت همه را عذر بنه               چون ندیدند حقیقت ره افسانه زدند
شکر ایزد که میان من و او صلح افتاد       صوفیان رقص کنان ساغر شکرانه زدند
آتش آن نیست که از شعله او خندد شمع         آتش آن است که در خرمن پروانه زدند
کس چو حافظ نگشاد از رخ اندیشه نقاب          تا سر زلف سخن را به قلم شانه زدند