Iran’s Contribution to the World: Perfumes

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By: Badi Badiozamani

Material presented in this section has been provided to Iran Online by Iranian Cultural Center of Orange County (ICCOC).

The art of obtaining the essence of various flowers and preserving them in small containers was for the first time invented by the Zoroastrians in Iran as perfume played a great role in Zoroastrian religious ceremonies.

From the Old Testament, we learn how the ancient Persians considered perfume of utmost importance.  It is stated in Esther that the virgins who were being prepared to be presented to Ahasuerus, the King of Persia, were obliged to be purified with oil of myrrh and for the next six months with sweet scents and other things.

*Excerpts from “Iran & America: Rekindling a Love Lost”

by Badi Badiozamani