Why Help ?
How Much Money is Needed ?
How to Help ? (In Iran)
How to Help ? (Out of Iran)


Why Help ?                                                                      

Despite the Foundation's successes in conducting exhibits and attracting much needed public support, the creation of Iran's first large-scale science museum requires the assistance of all Iranians. The cost of constructing a science museum is far beyond Foundation's own resources. In order to fulfill it's mission and make a worthy contribution to the cultural and scientific life of Iran, the Zirakzadeh Science Foundation looks for help to Iranians everywhere.


How much money is needed ?                                    

Our estimates show that we need about US$ 400,000 to start building a museum. Of this amount, about half can be raised in Iran. We hope to raise the other half from your support.


Where to send your donations in Iran ?                   

Please send your checks to:

          Zirakzadeh Science Foundation
          112, Vanak Ave.
          Tehran, 19919 Iran

Or you may wire the money directly to our bank account in Iran:

           Zirakzadeh Science Foundation
          Account Number 900939
          Bank Melli Iran, Eskan Branch 0271


Where to send your donations out of Iran ?             

We now have a bank account in Canada, thanks to Dr. Soleymani's efforts. This account is opened under the name Zirakzadeh Science Foundation as a non-profit organization. And you can send your US$ donations directly to it. Here are the details:

Name of Bank: Bank of Montreal, Kirkland
Address: 2867 St-Charles Blvd.
Kirkland, Quebec H9H 3B5
Branch Number: 3672
Account Number: 4600-785

If you have any questions regarding this account please contact our representative in Canada, Dr. Mohammad Reza Soleymani.
His snail-mail address:

Dr. M. R. Soleymani
             280 Grosvenor
             Beaconsfield, Quebec H9W 1S5

May you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Mostafa Torabi
             Zirakzadeh Science Foundation
             112, Vanak Ave. #304
             Tehran, 19919 Iran
             Phone: +9821 878-9270
             Fax: +9821 878-9275
             E-mail Address: zsf@neda.net

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