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Ahmad Zirakzadeh, Founder

Board of trustee members are serving on a volunteer basis. All members were chosen by the late Ahmad Zirakzadeh, founder of our Foundation. He himself was a graduate of Paris Polytechnique and Naval Science School, Paris.

Touran Zirakzadeh, MD: Microbiologist. Head of Microbiology Dep. Reference laboratories. Researcher with the Ministry of Public Health and Medical Education.

Safi Asfia (Consulting Member): Graduate of Paris Polytechnique and School of Mines, Paris. Former professor of Tehran University. Former head of Plan and Budget Organization. Amateur astronomer and computer programmer.

Abolhassan Zia Zarifi, MD (Consulting Member): Microbiologist. Author of books on Tuberculosis. member of the Scientific Committee of International Union against Tuberculosis and lung disease.  

Khosrow Saeidi: Doctor of law. Former lecturer at various higher education institutes.  Former VP and member of Social Security Organization.

Dehghan Haerizadeh: Authorized lawyer. Former mayor of Kerman.

Ali Parsa: Computer Consultant. 

Mostafa Torabizadeh (Director): Msc. in Physics (Meteorologist)

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Mostafa Torabi: Foundation Director