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Brief Description and History                               

Zirakzadeh Science Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 1993 by the late Ahmad Zirakzadeh, a respected figure in the recent history of Iran.

The foundation manages by a director under supervision of a board of trustees. The late founder selected the members of this board and donated the initial fund for the sole purpose of building a science museum and/or center in Iran.

During the past seven years, and in cooperation with the city of Tehran we have been able to set up three science centers  in Southern Tehran that the visitors enthusiastically receive these sites. On average about 600 visitors per a day visit these three sites. The successes of these sites have drawn other cities in Iran to come up with requests for similar centers.

Ahvaz (Khuzistan province), Babol, and Mobarakeh (Isfahan province) are three cities that now have science centers, thanks to the cooperation between our foundation and the municipalities in these cities.

Building a major science museum, as envisioned by the late founder, remains our principal objective and we are exploring all the possibilities to achieve that goal. Meanwhile our science centers provide informal education and fun with science to the

public and thus help us fulfill our mission, at least in part.Everyone regardless of level of education and background can find interesting things in our hand-on science centers and can experience and explore the world of science and technology for themselves.

We have used the experience of other science museums in constructing our exhibits and also have designed and built several exhibits of our own. We are able to provide our clients with scientific exhibits, decent training, and organizational  consulting, based on our seven years of experiences. We also have support of many science museum experts worldwide.We have been a member of Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) since 1994.


The Zirakzadeh Science Foundation was established in 1993 by the bequest of it's founder, the late Ahmad Zirakzadeh.The foundation's goal is to create centers for the propagation of science and technology to children, young adults and all those interested in the sciences. The Foundation seeks to provide opportunities for hands-on experience and first-hand observation of scientific principals and technological advances.


In the short time since it's inception, the Foundation has been able to set up several expositions for the use of students and science fans in Tehran's major cultural centers and exhibition halls. Several other cities have also provided space to the Foundation for it's pedagogical purposes, with the support of local government and charitable organizations; yet other municipalities have requested the Foundation to set up exhibitions in their cities. The centers are mostly located in less privileged areas and are designed to foster and respond to the desire for science education in these areas.

Visitors to the Foundation's science exhibitions can learn about basic scientific principals and experimental technology, using instruments and designs developed entirely in Iran, following guidelines gleaned from different foreign science museums as well as local Iranian experts and educators. The Foundation's exhibits combine the bases of modern science , such as Foucault's Pendulum, Newton's light experiments, and Faraday's batteries, with the most modern advances such as classes in computer sciences, aerodynamics, space exploration and molecular biology.

The Big Museum                                                 

The Foundation has been remarkably successful in conducting it's many popular exhibitions. Now, in order to better conduct it's educational mission, the Foundation hopes to create a permanent science museum similar to those located in the world's major cities. This hopes has come one step closer to reality with the grant of a large, 10,000 square meter parcel of land just outside Tehran to the Foundation. Furthermore several architects and engineers who support the creation of a permanent center for the Foundation have pledged their services to the Foundation free of charge. In light of these developments, the Foundation is moving ahead with it's plans to create a science museum for all the people of Iran, complete with lecture halls and laboratories as well as public spaces available to all Iranians interested in the sciences.

A Call for Help                                                       

Despite the Foundation's successes in conducting exhibits and attracting much needed public support, the creation of Iran's first large-scale science museum requires the assistance of all Iranians. The cost of constructing a science museum is far beyond Foundation's own resources. In order to fulfill it's mission and make a worthy contribution to the cultural and scientific life of  Iran, the Zirakzadeh Science Foundation looks for help to Iranians everywhere. Interested and public-hearted Iranians outside Iran can make donations which can be made directly to the Foundation through Bank Melli, account number 900939. The Zirakzadeh Science Foundation is confident that the generous support of Iranians everywhere will make the realization of this worthy and necessary project possible. Click here for more information on how to help.

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