Mehregan 1999 in the Southern California

Following this brief introduction are audio and video images from the sixth annual Mehregan celebration in the Southern California area.  

When autumn arrives, it is time to celebrate Mehregan, to honor "Mehr" (Mitra).  Time to open your heart to love (the symbol of "Mehr" in your heart) and let it circulate in your body to fulfill your spirit.  Let the Sun (the symbol of Mehr in the sky) and the Fir (the symbol of Mehr on earth) fill the world with warmth and love.

Some believe that Mehregan is the celebration of love, light and friendship.  Others believe that it's a farmers festival of harvest, still others believe that it is the victory of knowledge over ignorance, and the triumph of good over evil (referring to the myth of Kaveh, a common blacksmith who defeated the tyrant of his time, Zahak.)

Regardless of the different opinions and interpretation of Mehregan, the strong message of "Love", "Knowledge", and "Commitment" makes it necessary to recognize and celebrate Mehregan.

If Mehregan is the celebration of love, light and the sun; it's the time to let the love of mankind and friendship shine over everyone.  If Mehregan is the triumph of good over evil and a symbol of unity; it's the time to commemorate this unity regardless of ones race, gender, or ideology.

Each year in the Southern California area,  the following four organizations pull their resources together to organize Mehregan celebration.

  • Network of Iranian Professionals of Orange County (NIPOC)
  • Iranian Cultural Center of Orange County (ICCOC)
  • Iranian Student Organizations
  • Khayam Educational Group
Mehregan was successfully celebrated by thousands of Iranians in the Southern California over two days.  This was the sixth year that Mehregan was celebrated in the Southern California area.  Mehregan is now an established annual event in Orange County, California.

We at Iran Online congratulate the organizing committee and all the attendees.  We also invite you to view the following video clips from this event.

Iran Online

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Part One ............ 20 Minutes
Part Two ............ 35 Minutes


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