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Hafiz (Khwaja Shams ad-Din Mohammad of Shiraz 
The Life of Hafiz, M. Aryanpur Kashani
Hafiz was born in Shiraz, the city of "roses and nightingales", around 1324 A.D. Little reliable information is available about his life......

World View and Essential Philosophy in the Sufi Poetry of Hafiz, S. M. Haghi 
A systemic representation of key concepts in the mystical poetry of Hafiz-  Shams-ud-din Mohammad Hafiz Shirazi is a well known mystic-poet philosopher of the 14th century Iran (approximately 1320-1389).  He is known as Khajeh Hafiz (The Master Memorizer of Quran), Losan-ul-ghyb (The Tongue of The Hidden), Tarjomanul-Asrar (The Interpreter of Secrets).

Selected Work 

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Poems 1, 2  & 4 are in both Farsi & English. 
The rest are in Farsi only.



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