Children Stories
       Title Author Language / Format
Story of the ants 
Story of two doves 
The elephant & the bird 
The lion & the dog 
The lion & the wolf
Mehdi Yazdi Farsi text

The smiling flower 
The camel & the coyote 
The lion & the coyote 
The old woman & her daughters 
The wolf & the sheep 


The Little Black Fish
The Little Sugar Beet Vendor
24 Restless Hours

Samad Behrangi 
Behrooz Tabrizi
Farsi text 

Azari text

English text

Malek Khosro
Sobhi Farsi text

Story of Little Elephant who lost his nose آقا فیله دماغت کو   By Shahrzad   با صدای دلنشین شهرزاد

Story of the Bee and Worm داستان زنبور کوچولو و کرم   By Shahrzad   با صدای دلنشین شهرزاد

Story of Little Goat and the wolves داستان بزغاله کوچولو و گرگها   By Shahrzad   با صدای دلنشین شهرزاد

The baby goat and the wolves Glavij Farsi text & illustration
Bozi Zangoleh Paa Mozhgan Persian, Video



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