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Introduction in English


We at IranOnline believe that today's children will be the makers of tomorrow's societies. It is them who will be responsible for preserving and carrying forward our culture, history, hopes and aspirations. Therefore, when our children have to carry such burden in the future, we must devote more resources and attention to them today. It is based on this premise that Iran Online has decided to devote a section to our children.

We hope to be able to expand this section and make it a meeting place for all Iranian kids and youths. We invite you to help us and make this possible by sending us your comments and materials that you think may be suitable for our "Kids & Youth World" section. These may include short stories, cartoons, songs and ........ We also invite you to send us drawings and paintings that are done by your children to be displayed in the Kid's Gallery for a limited period of time. Please refer to the SUBSCRIBER FURNISHED MATERIAL AGREEMENT for instructions on how to send us your input.

Let us work together and provide a forum that would promote Iranian culture and help uncover hidden talents in our children.

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Please send your comments to Kids@IranOnline.com