Islamic Republic of Iran
Members of the Supreme National Security Council
(Source: Farhang va Andisheh,  August 1997)


Head of Judiciary Hashemi Shahroudi Seyyed Mahmoud, Ayatollah
Prosecutor General   Moqtadaie , Mortaza, Ayatollah
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court  Mohammadi Gilani Mohammad, Ayatollah
Head of the Judicial organization of the Armed Forces Niazi, Mohammad
Deputy Chief of the Judiciary for Executive Affaris  Marvi Hadi, Ayatollah
President of the Islamic Revolution's Court Mobasheri , Ali , Hojjatoleslam
Head of the Iuspectorate General Raisi Ebrahim, Hojjatoleslam
President of the Clerics Court  Mohseni Ezheie, Gholam Hosein, Hojjatoleslam
Deputy of Plan and Program and Spokeman Mir-Mohammad Sadeqi
President of the Coroners Office Mahfouzi , Dr.
Director General of the State Organization for Registeration of Documents and Properties Alizadeh Mohammad Reza
Director General of the State Organization in Charge of Prisons and Security and Educational Measures Bakhtiari, Hosein
Director General of the Public Relations of Judiciary Eizadpanah , Abdo-Reza
Deputy of Financial and Logistic  Vahedi Gholam-Hosein