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EuroFarsi Experiment

There are many academics and scholars, who believe Farsi alphabet lacks any accepted standardization that allows it to be adopted for computer use.   Use of tens of different keyboards and inability of various Farsi software to allow file import and export are indications of Farsi alphabet shortfalls.  Promoters of EuroFarsi propose a fundamental changeover from the present Arabic-based Farsi alphabet and script to Latin. They believe this will bring tremendous economic, scientific, technological, cultural and artistic gains that accrue to the Farsi speaking  countries and peoples around the world.

In the last few years, we have witnessed publishers of magazines, newspapers and large Internet sites have been the only ones using Farsi alphabet on the Internet.  For the rest of the Iranian Internet community, use of Farsi alphabet has been an occasional test of scanty online Farsi email services and E-cards.   Today, majority of the Iranian Internet users have resorted to the  unconventional use of Latin alphabet for communicating in Farsi.  As a minimum EuroFarsi provides a set of simple conventions that overcomes this problem. It empowers the Iranian internet community to communicate with one another using a common set of Latin alphabet and conventions.  Furthermore, it enables Iranians outside Iran who speak Farsi and are not familiar with its alphabet to easily read and write EuroFarsi.

EuroFarsi conventions are now available as part of Iran Online site.  We invite you to review them and become familiar with them. 
You never know, you may get an email written in EuroFarsi someday.



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