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    Dr. Farideh Kioumehr-Dadsetan is the founder of the Anti-Violence Day Project. She is an educator who is sponsoring a campaign to get children and parents to stay away from toy guns, which she says help fuel real violence. Her work is well published in the United States. In the last few years, our immigrant community has come to recognize the importance of her message.

    The Anti-Violence Campaign is an ongoing project of the International Health & Epidemiology Research Center. The Anti-Violence Campaign is a comprehensive violence prevention/intervention project that strives to eliminate mortality and morbidity in children/youth. We do this by influencing children's learned responses at an early age.  This campaign educates and raises awareness about the hazards of guns, toy guns/weapons, and violence among children, parents, and educators. This is done through presentations, workshops, letter writing, influencing toy manufacturers and policy makers, media coverage, art exhibition (Replacing Violence with Art), and Anti-Violence Day events. At the events, children turn in their toy guns/weapons, and instead, create a piece of art with the collected weapons.

Farideh Kioumehr

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