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Iran Online offers a wide range of services to the Iranian community and businesses. It combines the following two web sites and present them in an integrated environment to viewers.

Together they provide fifteen distinct services. They have been designed to appeal to a wide range of age groups and interest areas while maintaining the Iranian essence at their cores. The services are offered in a user friendly manner to viewers. Following is a brief description of each one:

What Is New-  This is a chronological list of all the recent updates and additions to the site. This helps our frequent visitors to stay abreast of the latest enhancements.

Iran Hall-  This is a growing depository of information about life in Iran. It consists of the following sections:

Chat- This service allows our visitors to engage in lively group discussions about issues of their choice. Our visitors can choose "Iranian Social Club" or "Cafe Naderi" chat room.

Classified Advertising (Free)- This service is designed to serve advertising and announcement needs of our visitors. It may be used for locating friends, announcing weddings, births, selling personal and real properties, etc. Our viewers can use the computer form that is provided to submit their advertisement. Individuals can use this service free of charge. There is a small charge for businesses who wish to advertise their services in this section.

Yellow Pages- This section is designed to help businesses advertise their services to the Iranian community. Businesses are encouraged to visit this site and take advantage of our different advertising packages. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in this section for more details.

Magazine- This is a free formatted magazine that is published bi- monthly. It covers a wide range of issues with the exception of political and religious ones. Our visitors can also submit their articles. Any article that meets our standards and discusses issues that are of interest to our readers will be published.

Literature- This is a growing on-line depository of selected works of Iranian writers and poets. In some cases, the English translation is also included.

Art- This section introduces and promotes the best of Iranian art. It consists of two parts:

Kids & Youth- This section offers its services to Iranian kids and youths and consists of the following sections:

Guest Book- This is where we ask our visitors to give us their feedback. it is important to us to know what our visitors think about Iran Online. We take our viewers' comments seriously. It should be noted that all comments in the Guest Book can be viewed by all our visitors.

Multimedia- This section uses computer audio capabilities to offer the followings features:

Web Guide- This is an on-line directory of Iranian web sites. Visitors can fill out the computer form provided in this section to add their site to this directory free of charge.

About Us- This section contains a series of brief articles about Iran Online, its objectives and services that it offers to the Iranian community and businesses. It also discusses how individuals and non-profit cultural groups and organizations can utilize the services of Iran Online.

Site Map- This page shows the hierarchy of the site menus. It is intended as a quick guide for our visitors.

Business Services- Following are specific programs that have been designed to serve the needs of businesses that cater their services to the Iranian community:


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