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Iran Online is the most comprehensive Iranian/English forum of its kind ever available on the Internet. The Iran Online is a service provided by the MANOU & ASSOCIATES INC. It was established in February of 1996 by a group of Iranian scientists, computer engineers and marketers. MANOU & ASSOCIATES INC. is a U.S.A. based, privately held corporation which has no ties or affiliations with any group or organizations. We at MANOU & ASSOCIATES INC. believe that all of our clients should be treated equally regardless of their race, religion, nationality, affiliation or political views. MANOU & ASSOCIATES INC. is a profit driven corporation with the following three specific business objectives:

1- To provide a world wide bi-lingual forum for Iranians and other nationalities to become acquainted with Iran.

2- To provide a medium where Iranians can interact and communicate with one another.

3- To provide Iranian businesses with the most effective advertising medium.

We believe the power of advertising on the Internet enables companies and individuals to introduce their business(es) in a much more affordable way in comparison with the traditional approaches. We also believe that the Internet will be the catalyst that will bring businesses and people of different nationalities and backgrounds closer together.

We invite you to brows through Iran Online and become more familiar with the vast Iranian culture and take advantage of services and products that are offered by Iranian business community.

We welcome your comments and invite you to advertise your products and services in our business directory.



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    1996 MANOU & ASSOCIATES INC., All rights reserved