Internet Services


We at Manou & Associates Inc. offer full range of web hosting services for a wide range of applications and industries.  We also offer a series of unique services as part of our standard packages for businesses who wish to cater their services to Iranian community.   Advertising in Iran Online Forum ( is among these services.  

Manou & Associates Inc. design team can turn your ideas and goals into an effective, engaging Web site. Our customized Web design teams can provide content development, original creative art, full-service web programming, audio/video capabilities and more.  

Now your site can literally speak to Web surfers, using on-line, on-demand audio services. New technology allows instantaneous decompression and playback, providing instant gratification to the listener. From quick sound bites to full-scale live radio broadcasts, Manou & Associates Inc. can help you extend and enhance your site with effective audio capabilities. Sites can vary in size and complexity. They can be comprised of custom or stock graphics. They can include hundreds of pages or only a few. A well designed site meets the needs of the individual client.  

If you have an existing site, we may be able to offer additions or refinements to enhance your site's presence on the Internet. You should also remember  that if we host your site, we will list it in the without any additional charges.  

Manou & Associates Inc. offers a full range of products and services to meet all your Internet needs. Whether you're looking for a "turnkey" service to handle all your web activities, or for very specific assistance, Manou & Associates Inc. is the right Internet partner.  

Content Development  

 Manou & Associates Inc. marketing and design specialists will create valuable content for your web site, targeted to your goals and intended  
 audience. Using your existing reference and marketing materials as a guide, we will develop pages that communicate your message quickly and effectively, and that are easy and interesting for users to navigate. Our team of authors, graphic designers, and layout specialists work together to make your site meaningful, accessible, and productive, delivering value to you and your users every day.  

Original Creative Art  

High-quality artwork is essential in today's web world . However, it must be specifically tailored for use on the web. Images must be efficient to ensure rapid loading, and they must add value to the site, or they will simply be annoying to your users. And, of course, the artwork on your site must reinforce your objectives and strategies. Manou & associates Inc. art team includes computer graphics specialists, along with some of the most creative artists. Whether your image is polished and professional or hip and vanguard, Manou & Associates Inc. can deliver the artwork to support it, optimized for excellent web performance.  

Audio & Video Capabilities  

Though the Web has long been known for its eye-popping graphics, real-time audio and video pages are the latest multimedia trend. Manou &  
Associates Inc. specializes in real-time multimedia production for the Internet, from concept design to audio and video production. Whether you're looking for a few brief sound clips to liven up your page or a full-scale live video broadcasting capability, Manou & Associates Inc. can help.  

Full-Service Web Programming  

The best content and artwork in the world are only as good as the programming which makes them function. Manou & Associates Inc. technical team specializes in developing cutting-edge sites that work efficiently, all the time, for all users, regardless of what hardware and software they may be using. We employ the full range of Internet technologies, including HTML, CGI, C, JAVA applications, and advanced database programming. Whatever your desired effects, Manou & Associates Inc. programmers can create them in web pages which operate smoothly and seamlessly.  

Internet Store Front (Shopping Cart)  

Internet commerce is one of the fastest growing areas.  It offer unlimited financial potentials.  Manou & Associates Inc. utilizes the latest technologies and offers complete Internet store front package with secure transactions.  The store front will allow you to sell your products via Internet. As part of our services, we help you set up your Internet merchant credit card account with established financial institution and banks.  

Technical Considerations  

Though users generally see intuitive "point-and-click" interfaces, the Internet is in fact a tremendously complex set of interconnected computers and networks. Further, the world wide web is evolving at an incredibly rapid pace, with today's leading edge technology eclipsed by tomorrow's innovations. Manou & Associates Inc. can guide you through the entire technical maze. Not only will we ensure your web site is created with the best, most appropriate technology, we can help you assess your site requirements for hosting, security, maintenance, and so on. With Manou & Associates Inc. as your Internet partner, you can be sure of getting the right combination of services in the most cost-effective way possible. 


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