e-commerce ( Internet Store front )


As part of our business solution, we offer e-commerce to those who would like to sell their products and services online.  Most business owners have realized with a small investment, they can set up an Internet store front and make their products and services available on the net.  This has proven to be a very cost effective solution for expanding the customer base and increasing the market exposure.  

E-commerce is a highly specialized field that requires hands-on experience in both setting up the store front as well as its day to day operation.  There are very few who can truthfully claim to have such experience.  We at Iran Online Forum and our parent company are among the few who can make such claims.  We have been among the pioneers in this field and have designed and set up stand alone Internet storefronts for our clients
successfully. We also own and operate www.PersianBazaar.com, the largest Iranian shopping mall on the Internet.  This has provided us with a unique experience of being involved with all aspects of store front set up and operations.   We use this experience to design and develop the most effective store fronts for our clients.

We offer profitable and affordable solutions. Our growth depends on your growth. That is what we work towards with each of our clients. That is also why we provide you with all the tools necessary for you to succeed. We can provide e-commerce as part of your site web hosting package. We can also offer personnel support to update and manage your e-store. 

The following is a short explanation of our standard e-commerce services.  We also offer customized solutions to those who have unique e-commerce requirements.  Because of this specialization, we are able to provide superior service to businesses that want to focus on e-commerce. Please take some time and read about what we do. Please feel free to ask your questions by clicking on "Contact Us." 

We run our own fast, high quality network and use only software commercially produced and supported by Microsoft®.  All of our store-front transactions are secured using state-of-the-art encryption techniques.  The following are the points that should be considered in setting up store fronts: 

Store Front Administration
As the store front owner, you should be able to easily add or remove products, change prices,  generate store front activity report and view incoming orders.  This allows you and your staff to fine tune product mix and special offers to increase sales.  Our system uses a very  simplified web-based user interface.  It allows our clients to use a user name and password to access their store front main engine and database.  Using the same web-based interface, they can add, modify or delete any product in the store front.  You do not need to have any programming background or any special software or equipment to update your e-store. All you need is a basic computer, an Internet browser with Internet access.

Credit Card Processing
Credit card acceptance for many companies is a normal way to do business. On the web, there are some new complexities that need to be understood and managed to process credit card transactions. Most normal merchant accounts can be upgraded to allow real time authentication and automated processing. We will work with you to set up such system.  We also offer other alternatives that will allow you to process credit card transactions as you do today.

Security Issues:
Security is another major concern about e-commerce. Generally information traveling over the web is extremely safe if it goes through a secure site. We take a few more steps to insure that the data crossing our site is even more secure. All of our transactions use a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) process. No one but the person who actually enters the number will ever see the credit card data that goes through our site. This is now safer than handing your card to someone at a retail store. A savvy Internet user will not shop at your store front unless you use SSL.  This aspect of security on the Internet is not widely understood by the general user. However, when it becomes common knowledge, it is possible that Internet transactions will be preferred over calling an operator on the phone.

Listing in the PersianBazaar.com
We offer listing in the www.PersianBazaar.com to established merchants who carry name brand Middle Eastern and International products. Merchants who wish to have an store front in the www.PersianBazaar.com will have to meet a set of requirements. Each request will be evaluated individually. 

We realize www.PersianBazaar.com listing is not for everyone.  That is why most of our  clients use our e-commerce service to set up an store front as part of their domain.

Cost schedule
Package One:
  • Standalone Store Front with a Dedicated Domain Name
  • 25 products or less
  • Set up Fee : $500
  • Secure Key: $125
  • Monthly fee: $ Web site monthly fee + $25.00 per month

  • $0.30 per transaction
For a Limited Time 
Dedicated Domain 
+ 25 Products
Store front
$50.00  / month
Package Two:
  • Standalone Store Front with a Dedicated Domain Name
  • 50 products or less
  • Set up Fee : $500
  • Secure Key: $125
  • Monthly fee: $  Web site monthly fee +$35.00 per month

  • $0.30 per transaction
Customized Packages:

We also offer e-commerce packages that allow unlimited products in the store front. Cost of these packages varies and is quoted based on client's e-commerce requirements.



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