Iran Online Forum Business Services

Following are specific programs that have been designed to serve the needs of businesses that cater their services to the Iranian community:

Classified Advertising - This service is designed to serve advertising and announcement needs of our visitors. It may be used for locating friends, announcing weddings, births, selling personal and real properties, etc. Our viewers can use the computer form that is provided to submit their advertisement. Individuals can use this service free of charge. There is a small charge for businesses who wish to advertise their services in this section.

Yellow Pages- This section is designed to help businesses advertise their services to the Iranian community. Businesses are encouraged to visit this site and take advantage of our different advertising packages. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in this section for more details.

Banner Advertising- There are specific areas set aside in different pages of Iran Online dedicated to advertising products and services. Advertisements placed in these sections are referred to as "Banner Advertising". This class of advertisement provides more exposures. We encourage businesses to take advantage of this service.

Sponsorship- Businesses can sponsor different sections of Iran Online for specified periods of time.

Special Services for Businesses- We have a number of programs that are specifically designed for wholesale dealers, distributors of products and services. Some of these programs go beyond Iran Online Internet site and cover a much larger region than Iran. Many of these programs can be implemented at very little cost to wholesale distributors. We encourage distributors to contact us for details.


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