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Iran Online Forum has been designed to provide an open and a free space to allow people with different views discuss various social, political and cultural issues.  Promoting free speech and creating an environment that enables Iran Online visitors to exercise their natural democratic rights without violating others have been our long standing policy.  We encourage you to participate in this forum and share your views with many thousands of people who visit our site every day. 

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  • There is no charge for using this Forum.
  • You need to register to use this Forum.
  • Iran Online Forum is not monitored. 
  • Iran Online assumes no responsibility for correctness of statements made in this Forum.
  • Messages that include profanity or business advertising will be removed and the user will be banned. 
  • No one receives special treatments. This includes special interests, political and religious organizations, businesses, personalities and people with various religions and .... 
  • You are invited to suggest new categories and topics.
  • You can use English, EuroFarsi or Farsi text images (JPG, Gif).
  • Use of  EuroFarsi is encouraged.

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There are many academics and scholars, who believe Farsi alphabet lacks any accepted standardization that allows it to be adopted for computer use.   Use of tens of different keyboards and inability of various Farsi software to allow file import and export are indications of Farsi alphabet shortfalls....... (More)


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