Ostad Parvarandeh is involved in several researches with various research institutes. This section provides  abstracts of some of these on going researches. The research papers have not been published yet. When they become available we will provide them on request basis.

We have four scientific measurements that show effects of Ostad's energy. In the case of the EEG and of the cardiac output, Ostad did not actually touch the patients during the application of healing energy. In the case of the DHEA, he did indeed apply his healing hands to that patient in a session that lasted some 15 to maximum of about 20 minutes. In the case of changes in the molecular structure of water he touched the bottled water. Obviously none of these particular measurements in itself proves or disproves "healing". Healing can be measured only in a patient's response symptomatically and/or with measurable changes in disease status. Nevertheless, these different tests provide strong evidence of a unique ability by Ostad to reinforce the many medical histories, which document his effectiveness in treating many different types of diseases.

According to Ostad brain is the commander of body and heart is the provider of nutrition to all cells. If one can manipulate the commander and provider of nutrition, then one shall be able to effect all organs, which are under their influence. Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. conducted DHEA, EEG, and EKG research with Ostad Parvarandeh at "The Shealy Institute" located in Springfield, Missouri. Following sections have been extracted from a book "The Holy Hands" currently written by Dr. Shealy about Ostad Parvarandeh.

DHEA Research: The common denominator in health and disease, in placebo reaction or not, is stress - chemical, physical, emotional, or electromagnetic. The end result of prolonged and/or repeated stress is adrenal exhaustion or burnout. The common denominator clinically is DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, the most abundant human hormone. DHEA levels decline steadily in most individuals after age 30, but healthy 80-year-olds who handle stress well maintain the same levels as 30-year-olds and much higher levels than stressed out 30-year-olds. There is no single test as crucial as DHEA in determining reserves.  For this reason it seemed logical when I first heard of Ostad Hadi Parvarandeh as a Grand Master Spiritual Healer to assume that his ability might restore DHEA levels. In March 1996 Ostad came to our clinic for three days with the specific goal of testing his healing of adrenal depletion or exhaustion. Imagine my surprise when the results came in. Ostad laid hands on 12 individuals, each three times over a period of three consecutive days. In eight out of the 12 individuals there was a decrease of 50-75%. In two the DHEA went up moderately, and in two it didn't change at all. All of this was just the opposite of my expectation. But highly significant, under ordinary circumstances DHEA doesn't change more than 15%, seasonally or within the day. Indeed DHEA levels are remarkably stable, more so than adrenaline, cortisone, testosterone, estrogen, or melatonin. Therefore a change of 50% or more is meaningful, but what? The answer seemed to come from the one man in whom there had been an elevated PSA, or prostate specific antigen. This 58-year-old gentleman had had a diagnosis of cancer of the prostate just two weeks earlier and had had two elevated PSA's; 4 being the upper level; of normal, his was 6.4. On the fourth morning, after three days of healing, his PSA was 5.9. Ten days later it was 4.6, and at 30 days it was down to 2.3. It has now remained down in the below 3 level for ten months (January 1997). Interestingly, this particular gentleman's PSA dropped about 65% at the same time that his PSA had already begun a modest drop, and his DHEA came back up slowly over the next several months. The question was and remains; did Ostad alter the DHEA? I think we can unequivocally state that his interventions affected DHEA in 10 out of 12 people, or over 80% of individuals. That is quite remarkable since DHEA doesn't change more than 15%, under ordinary circumstances from day to day, season to season or from hour to hour. I had to evolve my own theory into believing that the probability is that Ostad mobilized DHEA in some way that put it to work doing something useful. In the patient with prostate cancer the useful event appeared to be affecting the negative antigenic aspect of his prostate cancer.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) Research: Regular EEG is not perhaps nearly as easy to read as those of us in the field have been led to believe for the past 70 years. That is, it is ordinarily believed that in the waking state with the eyes open the dominant activity in the brain wave is in the frequency called beta, that is, 13-26 cycles per second. With the eyes closed, most individuals have an increase especially in the occipital lobes of the alpha frequency, which is 8-12 cycles per second. During daydreaming or creative imagery visualization, etc., the rhythm has a modest to sometimes, marked increase in theta frequency, or 4-7 cycles per second. It is generally believed that delta frequency, 1-3 cycles per second, is present only briefly when individuals are falling asleep or focally in areas of the brain which have been damaged.  

In the first 30 individuals we asked Ostad, who was sitting in a separate room approximately 40 feet away from the patient, to just apply his intent to heal the front or the back of the patient, without any specification as to what frequency might be used. Ostad had a full length Polaroid photograph of the individual taken both from the front and the rear, and we synchronized timing so that the EEG technician could mark the record appropriately as to exactly the moment when healing was to occur. The patient had no knowledge whatsoever of what particular time healing would be applied or even how much of the time healing would be applied. Generally the healing was applied for a maximum of 2 minutes, and in that first 30 patients it was 2 minutes to the frontal area and 2 minutes to the occipital area, although we alternated whether he applied the energy first occipitally or first frontally. In another 32 patients we asked Ostad specifically to increase the 10 cycle per second, or mid-alpha range frequencies, in either the frontal or occipital part of the brain. Again, when the patients were actually being recorded in this latter situation they were well over 100 feet away in a totally different building, and synchronized stopwatches did the timing.

The results are quite striking. When we look at the broad band of alpha, we see almost invariably a decrease in the total power in the alpha range. This is true in 88% of the patients when he applied healing to the frontal area, and in 80% when he applied it to the occipital area. Interestingly, then when we look at the power collage, we see that in half of the patients there was at no time any major activity at 10 cycles per second, either before or during healing. But in exactly half of the patients, even though the broad band of the alpha wave had diminished, sometimes quite significantly, over 75%, there was a marked increase specifically at 10 cycles per second. Interestingly, there was often a much greater change in the center of the brain than in either the occipital or the frontal areas. Since we did many long periods of control with these EEG's and since these changes took place specifically while Ostad was "sending healing" there is no scientific doubt that somehow he energetically affected the EEG of these individuals. Even in those individuals where there was no measurable change in the 10 cycle activity, it would appear that he still had some type of similar overall effect, since the total power in the alpha range went down in those individuals even when the 10 cycle is not obvious. To some extent, here again we have the enigma and the paradox of the alpha range itself going down, but the specific 10 cycle activity increasing. It's as if the 10 cycle borrowed from the rest of the alpha range in order to have that increase occur. 

Electrocardiogram (EKG) Research: We happen to have equipment which nonivasively measures stroke volume and cardiac output, a very elegant EKG and related computerized equipment developed by Dr. Robert Eliot, a well known cardiologist who also created the concept of the "hot reactor". In five individuals, again with Ostad over 100 feet away in a different room, he was asked to increase cardiac output and stroke volume. There was indeed a marked change in this physiological measurement.

Water Research: Professor William A. Tiller, Emeritus Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California. He has been privy to the documented findings in Dr. C. Norman Shealy's initial study of Ostad Parvarandeh and finds the evidence quite compelling in support of Ostad's special gift in the healing talent area. Because of this, he has begun designing new experimental devices for testing Ostad's energy. He has joined Dr. Shealy's further research of Ostad's "super physical" abilities. Professor Tiller conducted the initial water research, which has been reported by Dr. Norman Shealy in his book about Ostad. Here is an abstract of the experiment extracted from the book.

In a nonphysical testing of Ostad's energy effect upon the molecular structure of water, Ostad applied his hands to 15 sealed plastic bottles of spring water purchased from a regular department store. Fifteen control bottles were sent away for testing to three different sites for infrared absorption and ultraviolet absorption measures before Ostad applied his healing touch to the next 15 bottles of water. The "treated" water was then sent one week later for infrared absorption measurements, five bottles each to three separate sites. Here we have to rely upon the interpretation of physicists, but basically it appears that Ostad's healing energy significantly affects the molecular structure of water, since infrared absorption has to do exactly with the hydrogen bonding in water.

Bio-photon Water Research: Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, well known biophysicist and professor at the Kaiserlautern University, Germany. They received 9 samples of sealed plastic bottles of spring water. Ostad did not energize the first three bottles of water (first sample). He energized the second three bottles of water (second sample) by touching them. Ostad energized the third three bottles of water (third sample) from a distance of 2 meters (6 feet). The Institute performed Bio-photon measurements. They performed measurements of photon emission after excitation with electric voltage to receive reliable results. The researchers filled 2 ml of each sample into quartz cuvettes. They put two white gold electrodes into the cuvettes and detected 50 measured values (counts per interval of 100 ms). Then they connected an electrode voltage of 30 V for 5 seconds and detected another 100 measured values. This measuring procedure was repeated twice for all nine samples. Bio-photon analysis showed significant difference between the water, which was not energized by Ostad (first sample) and the water which, was energized by Ostad (second and third samples). There was no noted difference between second sample (directly energized) and the third sample (energized from distance of 2 meters).



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