Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are you able to know the medical condition of a person simply by being in their presence, by hearing their voice, or by looking at their picture? 

All molecules and atoms in the universe have a "collective consciousness". All information in the universe is transferred instantaneously to all the other atoms and molecules in the universe. A person who is a good medium or receptacle can receive such information. 

For example, a mother may suddenly sense that her child thousands of miles away has been injured in an accident. Ask yourself how does she know this? It is through the "collective consciousness" of atoms and molecules. Because her "antenna" is well tuned to her child's actions, she receives the information. God has given me the ability to connect with the "collective consciousness" of the universe, or the "computer of the divine". 

When I ask a question of the universe of molecules and atoms, I receive an answer. For example, when I ask, "What is the source and cause of this person's ailment?", an answer is given to me. From where did this answer come? It came from the "collective consciousness" of the universe. 

Do you experience any personal, physical feelings and/or sensations when you are transferring energy to people? 

I am a medium or conduit through which the energy of the universe flows through to other people. For me, it is a passive movement. I feel no extraordinary physical feelings or sensations. The person receiving the energy experiences the physical feelings and sensations. Sometimes they remark that my hands are "warm" or "cold" and they are "vibrating". It is not my hands but the organ in their body receiving the energy that is the source of the "warmth", "cold", or "vibration". Energy has intelligence, when it enters a person's body, it automatically penetrates the location within the body that is having problem and it starts the healing process. I don't need to know exactly what is going on within the patient's body. However I sense the healing process has initiated and I also sense the ending process of the ailment.  

Is it important that you know the particular ailment of a person before you transfer energy? 

It is not important that I am told beforehand the particular ailment of a person before I give them energy. I can sense energy disruption or blockage in a person who is in my presence. Also, I can sense energy disruptions by merely hearing a person's name or hearing their voice or by looking at a picture of a person. 

Is the transfer of energy effective if you do not know what ails a person? 

I do not need to know what ails a person. Energy, which is made up of subatomic particles, has an "intelligence". I also add may be all these molecules within the universe have a particular mission to perform. If I ask a question from a molecule I will receive an answer. When the energy enters the person's body, it automatically goes to the needed area and performs its task. 

How does energy finds a person when you transfer energy to them over a long distance? 

Energy has an "intelligence", when I go up to give energy to a person I say that this energy is for such a particular individual a name or a unique reference point. Energy will find the individual immediately no matter where the person is within the universe. 

If you transfer energy to another person, is your energy level therefore reduced? 

I am a medium or conduit through which the energy of the universe flows through to other people. Since the energy in the universe is infinite, my energy level is infinite and not reduced by the transfer of energy to another person. 

In your teaching of the power of healing to others, what abilities in a potential healer are you looking for and how are they taught? How can you tell that someone has the gift of healing? Can we tell if a person has the gift of healing? 

Students who are interested in the gift of healing come and spend months at my side in my clinic. By studying them as they interact with various people, I can quickly tell if someone has the gift of healing. The primary virtue that a person must have to possess the gift of healing is "pure intention". The sole motive for the gift of healing is to serve and benefit mankind. If a person has "pure intention", the gift of healing will come. As to the more tangible sign as to whether a person has the gift of healing, you can tell by looking at the effect that the person has on the people they are healing. Is it positive, negative, or no effect? 

Why do you energize sugar cubes and distribute them to patients as part of the healing process? How do they work? Are sugar cubes the only consumable products that can be energized for that person? What do you do for diabetics? 

I have the ability to transfer energy to objects. Since a person is with me for a few minutes, my transfer of energy to sugar cubes or any other consumable material that is preferred by the patient is a way for them to receive some more energy until our next visit. Sugar cubes are generally selected because the cubes are very practical. Small pieces can be mixed with water and given to the youngest person. The sugar cube is hard and can be broken into small pieces when taken. If a person is diabetic or doesn't prefer sugar cubes, I can energize any consumable product. 

What is the purpose of giving thanks to Almighty God three times when eating the consumable product? Have you had different reactions from people of different religions when they are asked to say it? What if a person professes not to believe in God? 

Prayer is a form of healing energy. Also, prayer draws attention to God who is the source of my gift. My gift of healing is not restricted to one religious denomination but is for the benefit of mankind. As to a person not professing a belief in God, energy does its function regardless of a person's belief. 

Does a person must have faith in energy healing for this treatment to work? 

A person's faith in energy healing or in me doesn't matter. When I work with a toddler or a young child does faith means anything to them. No it doesn't. The young child will still benefit from it as much as any other individual. 

How can you describe the process of using energy to heal people? 

In the process of healing people with energy I use two different methods. In the first method I can convert matter into energy. For example, when a person has some kind of tumor or cyst in the uterus, I emit energy to the atomic particles that has constructed that particular object. In this case the energy will convert the matter into energy and that energy will leave the body. When I work with people my students can see this energy dissipation from the body. They can also tell where I have focused the energy. In the second method I can convert energy into matter. For example, when a person has some kind of degenerative tissue disease such as arthritis, or some kind of organ failure such as kidney failure, I emit energy to that organ. In this case the energy will transform itself into matter, either the dead cells become alive or the organ will start the regeneration process. I don't like to use the words degeneration, or regeneration because in energy therapy they don't mean anything. 

What did you do Once you realized your healing power ? 

I started healing relatives and friends. I tried to further understand it and learn more about it. Most often my effort relieved people pain and discomfort. 

How did you find out that you can emit energy and discover people's ailment over a distance? 

I found this out by accident. One day a relative called me and started complaining of their chronic migraine headache. I imagined the person while speaking. All of a sudden my relative pain started reducing and it got better. Then I realized "divine energy" has no boundary, physical limit, nothing can block it, time and space is totally irrelevant. 

How do you find people reaction to energy healing? 

There are two types of distinct people. The first type, absolutely believe such, an energy exists, they also believe in spirituality. The second type deny this energy exist. Majority of scientists and educated people are in the second category. I think spirituality, and higher human nature in conjunction with belief and faith on higher realm will eventually unify these two opposing groups to have a common opinion about divine energy. I believe that energy healing and current western medicine will eventually be used as complementary system to benefit the man-kind. Western medicine has significant progress in surgery and fighting with viruses and bacteria. However for Chronic and Terminal disease there has been little progress. In the latter parts science is searching for answers outside of the body when cure is within the body. 



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