Hadi Parvarandeh was born in Tehran, Iran on May 12, 1926. When he was 16 years old, Parvarandeh first noticed that he was blessed with the special gift of healing. One day a neighbor asked the young man to accompany her to the hospital to visit a friend. A few days later, the woman asked him again to accompany her to the hospital to visit the same friend.  

When his neighbor asked him to accompany her a third time, he respectfully declined. The neighbor insisted and said "When you are in the room with my friend, and after you leave, she feels so much better! My friend asked me to bring you." During each visit, the young Parvarandeh had unknowingly conveyed his power of healing.  

From this event on, the young Parvarandeh began to understand that he had the special gift. Not long thereafter, his grandmother told him she was suffering from constant pain. He allowed himself to concentrate on her pain and, suddenly, for the first time in years, she felt the pain lifted.  

As a young man, he frequently reached out to relatives and friends with his special gift of healing and time after time, any pain being felt by the person was lessened or completely eliminated. One day his cousin telephoned asking him for his help, complaining of a migraine headache. While conversing, he visualized an image of his cousin and the pain he was experiencing. Suddenly, the cousin had no more pain. The young Parvarandeh realized then that the power of his gift knew no physical boundaries of either distance or place. He was blessed with the gift of remote healing.  

During a visit to the city of Esfahan and the famous mosque, Chahar bagh (Four Gardens), while walking past a room where a young student (talabeh) was studying, he sensed the pain that the student was feeling. The young Parvarandeh asked, "Do you have pain?" The amazed student responded, "Yes, in my feet!" Parvarandeh touched the young man's foot and immediately the pain disappeared. The incident was another step in the young Parvarandeh's growing understanding of his gift. He now recognized his ability to diagnose the health of a person.  

For the next thirty-five years, the use of his gift remained a private matter as he concentrated on his education, pursued a career and raised a family. He received a degree in French Language and Literature from the Strasbourg University in France.  

After college, he began work in the Ministry of Education in Tehran. After World War II, he moved to the Educational Department of the nation's Point Four program (Marshall Plan). When the Point Four program concluded, he went back to the Ministry of Education as General Director of the Culture and Fine Arts division where he remained until 1973.  

During the years 1974 to his retirement in 1978, Parvarandeh served as the Cultural Counselor to the countries of Greece, Turkey and Yugoslavia. As the years progressed he was promoted through the diplomatic ranks with each new post. He now speaks Farsi, French, English and Turkish. After retirement, Parvarandeh, now referred to as Ostad (union with God) by many, began to devote much of his time seeing people suffering from various illnesses and ailments. Over the last eighteen years, he has seen over 150,000 individuals. The word of his special gift has spread throughout the world by people. An institute was established in Tehran, Iran with Ostad as Chairman, to teach others the power of healing. Today, there are twelve doctors of various medical specialties, as well as eight non-medical persons assisting Ostad at the institute. They are offering, without charge, the power of healing to innumerable needy patients in Iran and throughout the world.  

Ostad doesn't consider a person's ethnic, religious, political or economic status. If you are in need he embraces you. He believes that Almighty God has blessed him. His purpose in life is to benefit the mankind. Economic remuneration is not his motive. Payment of any form of compensation is neither requested nor accepted by him.  

One of his great passions has been to teach and impart the power of God's healing to those who naturally have the gift to heal. He hopes to find others to pass on his healing gifts, so that many more people will be able to receive God's healing powers.  

Internationally known, Mr. Parvarandeh was recently rated in England by the BBC News as the number one healer in the world. Since 1978 he has traveled extensively helping those in need.  


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