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Mr. Amin Hamid, who has been working closely as a volunteer with Ostad Parvarandeh since May 1996, has assembled and prepared the content of these pages to help others to become familiar with the work of Ostad Parvarandeh.  This will be a growing depository of information about Ostad Parvarandeh's work, philosophy and researches that he conducted with various research facilities in U.S. Iran Online hosts this section to help the public to have access to accurate information about Ostad Parvarandeh's work.

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This site provides information about Ostad Hadi Parvarandeh, a power healer who devoted his life to humanity and energy healing. He lived his life as a family man raising his children and pursuing a career. Throughout his life hefollowed his inner voice genuinely, submitted to God and learning the true path of cleansing the virtue. This practical process allowed him to understand the divine knowledge and be accepted as a devoted man by the higher spiritual realm. He never studied the path of divine with a master rather he simply followed the path of God through western theology and listened to his inner voice. He believed everybody can become a healer through following the practical instruction given in all western religions. He believed, Almighty God had blessed him with a gift and his purpose in life is to benefit mankind. 

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Ostad Hadi Parvarandeh passed away on Wednesday October 15th, 1997 at 8:30 A.M. from a stroke.  In the last few days of his life that he spent at the hospital, he was still healing other people.  We lost a great grand master healer, teacher and a caring individual.   I would like to maintain the web pages regarding his tireless effort for humanity and healing people with divine energy.  I will be adding more information about him, his work and his philosophy. There are other individuals who will come on earth to help people and help us further understand the meaning of divine energy healing. 

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