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Why is Internet an effective advertising vehicle?

Advertising through Internet has become one of the most effective vehicles for businesses of all kinds. It is effective because advertisers can target their potential customer base accurately. The advertisement can be only placed in those homepages that potential consumers may be viewing. This becomes more important when the advertiser offers a specialty product or service. Businesses that cater their services to the Iranian community and enthusiasts fall into this category. Up to now these businesses either have not had a means to advertise or have been limited to their immediate community. In either case, the return on advertisement investment has been too low. Therefore, it has been difficult to justify the cost of advertising . This has made it impossible for many of these businesses to grow to their full potential. Fortunately, with the advent of Internet, this has changed.

What is Iranian Online Yellow Pages?

Iranian Online Yellow Pages is designed to become the primary Internet site for Iranian products and services. It is designed to provide maximum exposure for businesses who serve Iranian communities across the globe.  Internet can be accessed globally, 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. Therefore, it serves both businesses that serve their immediate community as well as those who would like to market their products and / or services globally . Realizing specific needs of advertisers and consumers, Iran Online has designed specific features for its Yellow Pages site which make it possible for the viewer to locate specific advertisements easily.

How long Iran Online Yellow Pages has been in operation?

Iran Online Yellow Pages ( ) is the first online Iranian business directory of its kind.  Since its establishment in 1996, it has been serving Iranian businesses and community with a variety of services.  In 1998 the site was completely redesigned to make a wide range of options, features and services available to both business owners and Iran Online Yellow Pages visitors.  Iran Online Yellow Pages is an integral part of Iran Online Forum.  Iran Online Forum is currently offering the following sites under one umbrella to the Iranian Internet community in a seamless fashion:

What does Iran online Yellow Pages can do for my business?

Iran Online Forum is the most frequently visited Iranian site.  To maximize exposure, businesses that are catered to serve the Iranian community can be listed in the Iran Online Yellow Pages. More and more people are relying on online business directories.  Realizing this trend, large phone companies have also started to make their phone directories available online.  Iran Online Yellow Pages offers the best targeted online advertising to those who wish to advertise their services to the Iranian community.  Because of the popularity of the Iran Online Forum and the unique services that Yellow Pages offers, has become the most comprehensive Iranian business directory available on the Internet.

What is the advantage of advertising in Iranian Online yellow pages versus having my own homepage?

There are currently millions of homepages on Internet. A homepage by itself has no visibility on Internet. These homepages become alive only when they are grouped together in a site that is specifically designed for this purpose and offers more options than just one homepage. An example of this is the difference between a store which is along the side of the road by itself with no fancy signs or attraction versus a similar store that is in the middle of a large shopping mall or bazaar. Iranian Online Yellow Pages creates the same ambiance as a shopping mall in the cyberspace.

Can I list my business in the Iran Online Yellow Pages without having an Internet site?

Yes,  from the beginning, Iran Online Yellow Pages decided not to limit its listings to businesses with Internet site.  Therefore, any business that serves the Iranian community can be listed in the Iran Online Yellow Pages.  You simply fill out a form that is available online.  However,  We  believe that in today's business world, established businesses must have an Internet presence to remain competitive and to continue to grow.   We also offer a number of different packages to business owners that wish to have their own Internet site.  All our web-hosting packages include full listing in the Iran Online Yellow Pages.

Can I have multiple listings for my business?

No, we only allow one listing per business.  Each time a new business is added to the Iran Online Yellow Pages, it is checked against existing businesses in the database. If any similarities are found, they will be flagged and deleted automatically.

Can anyone post his / her own business in the Iran Online Yellow Pages?

In order to maintain the integrity of the data, we only accept listings of established businesses.  This will help to provide a stable and accurate set of data to our visitors.  Salespeople such as real estate agents, insurance agents or car salespersons can not list their names as a business using our “Basic Listing” package, which is free of charge.  Salespeople tend to be more mobile and move often between businesses.  Salespersons can only list their names in the Iran online Yellow Pages by selecting Independent Salesperson Listing according to our fee schedule.

What is done when I list my business in the Iran Online Yellow Pages?

Your Business information is added to the Iran Online Yellow Pages database along with the other businesses.   A unique home page will also be created using your business name and business category.  Your newly created home page will be made available to the Internet search engines, making it possible for others to find it.   Additionally, anytime any information about your business such as phone number or address changes, you can use your “Password” and update your business information.  All of these are done free of charge.

How much is the fee for listing my business in the Iran Online Yellow Pages?

The best part of this service is that it is FREE.  You can currently add the basic information about your business to the Iran Online Yellow Pages for FREE.  The following data are included as part of the basic information:

Business owners,  who wish their email addresses and URLs to be displayed as part of their business information, can do so according to the following fee schedule:
Email address $50.00 / year
URL  $75.00 / year
Email & URL $75.00 / year
Independent Salesperson Listing                  
includes email and URL
$75.00 / year

Both email address and URL are hot links.  Businesses that have any of the above service plans are prioritized over others in the same category, i.e. they are displayed first during inquiries.  BUSINESSES WHOSE INTERNET SITES ARE HOSTED BY OUR PARENT COMPANY, MANOU & ASSOCIATES INC DO NOT PAY THE ABOVE FEEs.  Full listing in the Iran Online Yellow Pages is included in the all the web hosting packages that Manou & Associates Inc offers.

Can I have more information about my business made available to Iran Online Yellow Pages visitors?

Yes,  we also offer the following packages:

1-  Register a domain, design and develop a dedicated Internet site for your business according to our fee schedule.  For detailed pricing visit “About us” section in the main menu.
2-  Prepare one full page of text and graphic for your business and host it as part of site.  You will provide the text and the artwork in either electronic format or prints.  Our staff will convert your material to an Internet compatible format.  There is a one-time charge of  $150.00 to design the page. The annual fee to host your page and to provide a hot link to your home page is $120.
3-  You email an html file with its associated artwork graphic files all in electronic format.  We post and host your page as part of  There is a one-time charge of $30.00 to post your html page. The annual fee to host it is $120.00.

If  I list my business in the Iran Online Yellow Pages and choose one of the fee options, can I receive a refund if I change my mind?

You can receive full refund within the first fifteen days.  After that none of the fees you have paid will be prorated or refunded.

I already have an Internet site.  What can I do to avoid paying the fee for full listing in the Iran Online Yellow Pages?

It is simple, you can ask us to switch your site to our servers and we will wave the listing fees.

How do I make payments for the services that I receive?

All fees are due in full and must be paid in US currency in advance.  You can pay your bills by credit cards, personal and business checks or cashier checks.  Checks must be made to “ Manou & Associates Inc.”  and mailed to:

Can an advertiser withdraw its advertisement after it is posted?

Yes, however, none of the fees will be refundable.

How do I list my business in the Iran Online Yellow Pages?

It is very simple.  In the main page, click on the button labeled “Add Your Business”.  Fill out the on-line form and submit it.  Make sure you answer all the questions and select the business types that best match yours. Incomplete entries are automatically rejected by the software. Remember you can not use any URL address in the “Slogan / Message” section.   Additionally, make sure you choose a password that you can remember easily.  You will need the password if you decide to change your listing content at a later time. Each listing goes through a review and approval process by our staff.  This takes up to a week before your entry can be posted.  If your listing does not meet Iran Online Yellow Pages requirements or standards, it will be simply deleted.

I noticed that my business information is already listed in the Iran Online Yellow Pages.  How can I update its information?

In the past we have used data from various sources to build up Iran Online Yellow Pages database.   If your business is already included in our database and you wish to update it, add your business information as a new business and make a note about it in the “Comment “ section of the data entry form.

Can I modify my business data after it is entered in the Iran Online Yellow Pages?

Yes, you can use the “Password” that you have selected at the time of data entry and modify your data.  However, you can not modify the business name.  To update your business information, select “Modify ….” From the main page and follow the direction.  Make sure to answer all the questions completely. Incomplete entries are automatically rejected by the software.  Remember you can not use any URL address in the “Slogan / Message” section. .  Each listing goes through a review and approval process by our staff. It takes up to a week before your new information can be posted.  If your updates do not meet Iran Online Yellow Pages requirements or standards, they will be simply deleted.

I want a custom advertisement package.  Do I need to send my advertisement in any special format?

No, we are set up to accept advertisement in any form.  However, the cost will vary based on the amount of work that we will have to perform to prepare the layout and artwork in a digital format. The following are some examples:

Can you design multimedia features (animation, voice,..) as part of the advertisement?

Yes, we can include advanced multimedia features in your advertisement. We will quote a fixed price after reviewing the requirements. How much does it cost to place an advertisement in Iranian Online Yellow Pages?

Our goal has been to make it possible and affordable for all businesses to advertise their products and services in the Iranian Online Yellow Page. The cost of advertising for full year is considerably less than the cost of a similar ads for few days in a newspapers or any other media. We encourage you to fill out the Advertising Questioner Form and email it to us. Upon receipt of your request, we will provide you with a fixed cost quote. 

How long is the size of each advertisement?

Our basic cost schedule is based on a typical page of advertisement such as a flyer. As the size increases the cost will grow.

Do you have any standards regarding the content of the ads?

Yes, all the advertisement must meet the following standards: - The advertisement can not use profanity or be offensive to the viewers. - The advertisement has to be visually pleasant .

Can Iran Online refuse posting an advertisement?

Yes, Iran Online reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement at any time without prior notice.

How can I increase my business exposure in the Iran Online Yellow Pages?

We offer banner advertising for those who wish to maximize their business exposure.  This is a very effective way of advertising your services.  Iran Online Yellow Pages uses a very sophisticated technique for displaying banner ads based on business types.  Therefore, if you own a medical practice, your ad will be included in the group of ads that is used when a visitor inquires about doctors or medical offices.  The advertiser is charged based on the number of times its banner is displayed.  For more information about this service, please visit “About Us” section.


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