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Iran Online Forum is the only Iranian Internet site that offers both content and service to the Iranian community.  Its content covers a wide range of interests, from stories about Mola Nasreldin to poems by Khayam, from cartoons about Persian proverbs to enchanting paintings by some of the best Persian painters of our time, from information about different regions in Iran to the history of Persian festivals and Persian cuisine recipes.  Iran Online is truly the premier site for providing content about Iran.

Iran Online community services are also unmatched by any other Iranian Internet site.  They include Chat rooms, Classified advertising, Newsroom services and Free Internet hosting facilities for Iranian social and cultural clubs and its unique business directory ( have greatly increased the usefulness and popularity of the Iran Online Forum.

Iran Online has been able to achieve its design goal to appeal to the widest age and interest groups within the Iranian community. Services that are presented as part of Iran Online forum are brought together by design. They are not byproducts of other activities (television or radio) that happen to be available.  Our success in achieving our design goal has made Iran Online one of the most frequently visited Iranian Internet site that serves a large number of banner advertising each day.  We believe, Iran Online Forum is the most effective advertising vehicle among Iranian Internet community.  Iran Online Forum is made up of the following Internet sites:

  Iran Online ......................................
  Iranian Online Yellow Pages .................

Each one of these sites offers a unique service to the Iranian community.   The Iran Online name is now synonymous with the Internet among the Iranian community.   Now Iran Online is positioned to leverage its brand name recognition and its technology to take a leading position in the online advertising among the Iranian community.

Iran Online Forum uses a highly sophisticated banner server software that keeps track of the number of times each banner is displayed. This will allow us and our customers to stay abreast as to the number of times an ad is posted.

Traditionally banner advertising costs are quoted for 1000 impressions (CPM).  Iran Online banner advertising fees are as follows:

You can view typical banner ads at the top and bottom of this page.  All banner ads should meet the following specification:

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